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Blogging for Writers – What To Blog About

What should I blog about as a writer? How can I build my online presence, accessibility, and fan base, and boost sales of my stories, my books, or my writing services? Here’s my short list of good things to blog about for any author. While most are obvious, some are overlooked. And if methodically tackled […]

Blogging for Writers – Beginning Principles

As you consider launching a blog as a writer to feature your work, I suggest you start with these three simple principles. Plan for Longevity Many blogs start with a great flurry of activity, then fade away after an initial burst of energy in the first months. So it’s very important to find a frequency […]

Author Website or Blog – Which is Best?

Q: Should I do an author website or a blog? A: Blog! I could equivocate and say, sure, you can do a website if (a) you know how to do them yourself, or (b) you’re willing to throw some money at someone else to develop and maintain a traditional website. Yes, a good website can […]

Blogs for Writers: The FAQ Post

A great use of a blog is to answer an FAQ . . . a Frequently Asked Question. Hey, this is one way a blog can actually save you time! (As opposed to sucking it away from you!) Start by considering: what common questions do I get? (This works well for any profession, whether you’re […]

Quick Blogging Tips for Writers and Professionals

Quick Blogging Tips Do you have a blog? If the answer is no, why not? A blog is a free website. You can go to Blogger or WordPress (my favorite, it has options for multiple pages and tabs that make it look website-like). If nothing else, why not create a blog as an online business […]

Blogs for Writers: Simple Thank-You Posts

(This is part of a mini-series for writers, with marketing value to almost any small business. For related posts, click here: “blogging for writers.”) In the last post, I talked about the benefits of a low-key, minimalist blog: one that functions as a mini-website, an online business card or directory listing. You post your contact […]

Blogs for Writers: The Benefits of a Low-Key Approach

You’re a writer (or run a small business). Do you have a blog? No? Really? Why not? I recently gave a talk (on story structure and practice) for the Independent Writers of Chicago (IWOC, excellent networking for freelance writers . . . thanks Dave Epstein for arranging it!). At one point, I asked how many […]