The Blue Zoo Curriculum – An Outline

The links below provide a set of core articles (1,000–2,000 words) on ten core skills or competencies a professional writer would do well to master.

Note: I don’t promise success! However, I am convinced that it lies in the direction indicted here.

At the end of each article, I’ll provide links [yet to be added] to a few additional Blue Zoo blog posts on that topic with more important tips.

If you want to grade yourself, give yourself a score of 1–10 on your competency in each topic. Otherwise, read each piece as you have time, and pat yourself on the back if you agree (or have a well-considered alternate approach!) and have a good handle on the needed techniques involved.

The core skills are loosely grouped into 1) Being a Writer, 2) The Craft of Writing, and 3) Career Development

Ten Core Competencies

Being a Writer

Becoming a Better Writer

Motivational Techniques

Overcoming Obstacles & Weaknesses [text to come]

The Craft of Writing

Creative Techniques [text to come]

How To Spin an Appealing Story

How To Create a Sense of Place

Create Characters We Care About [text to come]

Use Language More Beautifully [text to come]

Career Development

How To Pitch Your Writing [text to come]

Develop Your Marketing Platform [text to come]

Build Your Writer’s Brand

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